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Work Samples

A small sampling of what I do on a regular basis.


Picking up from where I left off so many years ago.

Catching Smiles

Recently, a friend invited me to come try out her workout facility. Which, as it turns out, is right across the street from my house. So my excuses as to why I couldn’t go were chipping away before my very eyes. It’s not that I’m opposed to a good workout, I’m just opposed to, well……

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How Do You Relax?

Flipping through my Instagram posts, I ran across one from probably early 2020. I have the “Centr” workout app on my phone. Centr was started by Chris Hemsworth. And who wouldn’t want to jump on Chris Hems… I mean jump on board what Chris was promoting. Well, around this time, Chris and Taika Waititi were…

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Are You an Influencer?

In this day and time of social media, we are bombarded by “influencers” recommending we purchase a product they’ve sampled. And as a result of millions of followers, these influencers are seemingly very successful. Financially, at the least. As for the rest of us, would we consider ourselves “influencers”? I know that I don’t have…

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